1614 Edition of the King James Version Bible

1830 Book of Mormon – belonging to George Albert Smith.

1830 Book of Mormon

1837 Book of Mormon – Kirtland

1841 Presentation Binding Book of Mormon
(1st European Edition)

1842 Book of Mormon.
(Nauvoo Printing)

The Holy Scriptures Presentation Binding

James E Talmage – 1837 Book of Mormon
(Kirtland Edition – 2nd Printing Overall)

Pearl of Great Price 1851 – David O McKay’s Copy

Lucy Smith Milliken – 1830 Book of Mormon
(Joseph Smith’s sister)

Kirtland Safety Society

Orson Pratts – The Seer 1851

Bishop Miller’s – 1840 Book of Mormon
(Joseph’s Bishop)

1854 Book of Mormon

1851 Pearl

1643 Mini-KJV (First Ever)

Onward Christian Soldiers – Manuscript Hymn